Poultry Production Control Farms

Poultry Production Control Farm’s passion is to be the 1st choice poultry supplier in the Pakistan, providing only the best quality and service in fresh chicken and table eggs and enhancing shareholders value.

Making public health our first priority,

Having a highly trained inspection force,

Developing and maintaining partnerships with processors and other agencies to insure that the meat and poultry products produced in Poultry Production Control Farms the best safest found anywhere.

We strive to succeed through our commitment to excellence with product innovation, superior quality, service and operational efficiency.



  • Providing only superior quality products to our consumers
  • Improving co-operation between Poultry Production Control Farms and it customers
  • Ensuring that we provide satisfactory working conditions for our team members
  • A safe, wholesome and sustainable food safety program.
  • Education of all employees, including training and development, is vital to the Program. It is not a destination, but a continuing journey.
  • The team concepts are important to attaining Program goals and assuring a sense of individual and organization accomplishments.
  • Leaders who coach, motivate, and support a work environment where employees can develop and achieve their potential.
  • Managers and supervisors must be open to new ideas and be able to manage change in a dynamic work place as it reflects a changing external world.
  • Employees who maintain high professional and ethical standards and take personal responsibility for their actions.

At Poultry Production Control Farms we have most modern lab in which latest lab equipment are installed for diagnosis of different poultry diseases. Our experienced Doctors check breeder, broiler and layer chicks or birds in this lab without any charges. They prescribe medicines after diagnosis and provide guidance for better farm and disease management. We also have technical support force in all our offices around the country. This force consists of Doctors and vaccination. Our doctors and vaccination staff visit frequently to our farms for diagnosis of different poultry diseases and vaccination. They provide productive information about the flock to the farmers. They also provide detail information about the poultry farming to persons who are interested in poultry farming.